netherwood aims

High expectations are a fundamental part of Netherwood. We embed this in all we do, with a continual focus on raising standards.

Netherwood’s purpose is to ensure that each student achieves the best possible outcomes so that they have genuine choice in their future learning and succeed in adult life. This will happen because teaching is of the highest standard and students aspire to high achievement, are confident, independent and fully engaged in their learning. To support each student, Netherwood provides a safe, caring environment governed by mutual respect with strong community links. In this way we will be an outstanding school and the best in the area.

We want pupils to achieve the very best they can during their time here and we will apply ourselves fully to delivering the very highest standards of teaching and learning. We want to create a school environment that is respectful and responsible – where students feel safe and supported to pursue their ambitions.

We are committed to high quality provision for every child in our school, recognising individual needs and ambitions and supporting these through close care and attention. Each pupil should feel that they are a valued member of our school community and that they have a part to play in the school’s success.

We will work hard to ensure that our curriculum is relevant, engaging and enjoyable. Our broad range of courses include vocational as well as academic subjects and we ensure that the curriculum presents opportunities for students of all skills and abilities to succeed and grow.

We want our pupils to be excited about learning and ensure that wherever their passions or abilities lie that they get the opportunity to express them here. We want Netherwood to play an active role in our local community and we encourage individuals and groups to make use of our facilities, but we also have an important role to play in our local economy, ensuring pupils leave Netherwood with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed and thrive in adult life.We will aim to work closely with local employers to ensure that pupils leave here with skills that are in high demand in our economy.

Our overall ambition is to be the best school in our region. Netherwood will be a place where children enjoy learning, where they can explore new ideas, develop new skills and where they can get the very best preparation for adult life.

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