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Netherwood Academy has a board of governors who give their time and expertise to provide strategic oversight and direction for the school.

Our Aims at Netherwood ALC

They give their time on a voluntary basis and play a vital part in making sure that all we do is transparent and fair and that there is clear accountability for decisions and actions.

Our governors come from a wide range of backgrounds and their diverse range of knowledge and experience provides a broad strategic insight and a mix of skill and opinions to support Netherwood’s strategic planning. We ensure that our local community and parents are well represented on the Board bringing a closely engaged and well-informed perspective to our specific challenges and aspirations.

Governors make key decisions about important school policies and strategic plans. They receive regular reports from the Principal and other senior staff and ensure that the school is well managed and financially sound. They help to create and establish the school’s vision, ethos and strategic direction and hold leadership accountable for school performance and improvement.

Netherwood’s Board of Governors currently consists of ten individuals.

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