A great resource for all

Our ambition is for Netherwood to play an integral role in our local community – to be a resource for all and to make a telling contribution to quality of life for local people.


We can play a role that extends beyond education and reaches out to all ages. We encourage businesses, community groups, local clubs and teams to make full use of our facilities, which include:

The secondary school’s auditorium provides an ideal venue for drama, music and other performances. It’s also a great venue for conferences or other presentations.

Its lighting and sound systems are the equivalent of any professional venue and it can host audiences of 400 people.

Netherwood also offers a range of adult education services in partnership with Barnsley Metropolitan Council. We work closely with the Council to ensure high quality well-being provision to support vulnerable children and families. We want to support lifelong learning, to be a resource for all and to play our role as an influential voice and a leading player in our community.

Key Facilities

Our state of the art building provides fantastic opportunities for our students, our parents, and our local community as a whole. Key facilities include…

Make an Enquiry

If you have any questions on any of the facilities above, please feel free to contact Phil Wild (pWild@netherwoodschool.co.uk) directly. Alternatively, you can use our quick enquiry form to get in touch.

Salon, Drama Studio, Music Rooms – Available Upon Request

Groups not affiliated to an National Governing Body or covered by their own insurance policy will be required to pay a 10% insurance surcharge.

Junior, Charitable and Community Groups will receive a 25% discount.

Discounts available for consecutive hire and length of hire.

Activity Prices

Astroturf  (Full) – £60 – Per hour

Astroturf (1/3 – Juniors) – £23 – Per hour

Astroturf (1/3 – Adults) – £31  – Per hour


Football Pitch (Adults) – £40 – Per 2 hours

Football Pitch (Juniors) – £30 – Per 2 hours


Rugby Pitch (Adults) – £40 – Per 2 hours

Rugby Pitch (Juniors)  – £30 – Per 2 hours


Sports Hall – £31 – Per hour

5-a-side (Adult) – £31 – Per hour

5-a-side (Junior) – £23 – Per hour

Badminton Court (Per Court) – £8.25 – Per hour

Badminton Court (4 Courts) – £31 – Per hour

Basketball Court  – £25 – Per hour

Netball Court  – £25 – Per hour

Volleyball Court – £20 – Per hour

Cricket Nets (2 Lanes) – £18 – Per hour

Cricket Nets (4 Lanes) – £31 – Per hour

Table Tennis (Per Table)  – £8.25 – Per Hour


MUGA – Outdoor

Tennis (Per Court) – £10 – Per hour

Netball Court  – £10 – Per hour


Gymnasium – £25 – Per hour


Fitness Suite Membership – Corporate enquiries only


Auditorium/Lecture Theatre – £35 – Per hour

(Daily rate TBC)


Classroom – £10 – Per hour

Health and Safety

Fire Alarm/Emergency Evacuation

Upon arrival, please inform our Leisure Team should you require any support or assistance in evacuating the facilities in an emergency. Our Extended Services Manager, will be happy to devise and implement a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan for you.

We do not have any Fire/Evacuation drills planned during your visit. Should the fire alarm sound (one continuous siren) please exit the building through the nearest fire escape exit and make your way to the Assembly Point situated on the floodlit astroturf, to the rear of the building. Please take the time to read the Fire Action drill on show around the facility.

For your own safety, your inductor will show you the location of all of the fire exits. Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to ask. Please DO NOT use the lift.

Accident/Incident/First Aid

All accident and/or incident details are reportable to our Extended Services Manager, along with any First Aid treatment administered. Our First Aid equipment is located in the Sports Office next to the Sports Hall and Gymnasium, but please inform the Leisure Team should this room need to be used.

In the unfortunate event of an accident/incident, or should you or anyone else require First Aid or Emergency Responder assistance, please report the circumstances to the Leisure Team or a member of our staff and a designated member of our team will prioritise and respond to your needs.


Designated community toilets/washroom/showering facilities are available on the ground floor of the building located on the main corridor next to the sports entrance. These are monitored by the Leisure Team to ensure cleanliness at all times. You may use these if there happens to be any shortfall in cleanliness or housekeeping standards do not hesitate to report this to our Extended Services Manager.


Refreshments are not yet available at Netherwood. We aim to provide snacks and cold drinks shortly. A fresh water machine is located next to the sports entrance.

Driving & Parking on Site

Please be aware that the site has a maximum speed limit. For the safety of students, staff, visitors and other users, this limit is 5mph.

Please also note, that entry and exit to the site is via the electric barrier and gates. The electric barrier and gates will be raised to allow community access, if this is not the case, please inform the Extended Services Manager or Leisure Team.

Access Control

To safeguard all staff, students and visitors, every member of staff will wear and visibly display an ID badge at all times. Staff will be clearly visible in Netherwood sports attire. Netherwood enforces strong access control protocol and only staff will be permitted into zones deemed not for community use.


We are committed to providing a quality of service to all customers who use our facilities. We welcome feedback on areas we can improve and areas we are succeeding in. Please forward any comments to the Extended Services Manager by email: pWild@netherwoodschool.co.uk


Future Developments

We like to keep our customers informed on future developments regarding the facility, bookings, classes and much more. Please keep an eye out for our Leisure and Fitness noticeboard situated inside next to the sports entrance.

Please download our Facilities Site Map here.